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Suitable 6 weeks - pre crawling

Happiness is Yoga

If you’re looking for the perfect way to bond with your baby in a calm, comfortable and safe environment, then our Mum and Baby Yoga Classes might be the right fit for you and your little one, offering countless benefits to both parent and child thanks to our unique, customised routines designed specifically for postnatal care and relaxation.

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The benefits of mum and baby yoga classes

  • Postnatal exercise
    A low-impact, comfortable way to introduce that essential amount of postnatal exercise back into your routine, with moves and stretches that can work even for complete beginners or those out of practice.
  • Stretch out new mum tension
    A way to increase your flexibility and stretch out that new mum tension post-birth with relaxing, calming exercises that will help the weight to fall from your shoulders.
  • Support your babies development
    Promoting the development of muscles and engaging baby’s brain with sensory time and interaction.
  • Improves baby’s sleep
    Encouraging relaxation and improving baby’s sleep in a calming and quiet environment ideal to send your little into naptime.
  • Reduce trapped wind
    Alleviating and reducing trapped wind, as well as colic and constipation for babies in need of that extra helping hand.
  • Bond
    A new, exciting way to bond with your little one in a stress-free, calming environment that you’ll both enjoy.
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Available in over 100 locations across the UK
Sensory time at every class!

Mum and baby yoga classes across the UK & Ireland!

Suitable for babies from six weeks to pre crawling, our mum & baby yoga sessions help to promote bonding with your little one & allows time to focus on postnatal exercise and flexibility, and provides a new way to meet like-minded parents in a practical setting. If all of these benefits sound like great ways to spend time with your baby and enjoy the experience of motherhood, then our sessions might be the perfect place to start.

An ideal place to meet parents and make new friends for both yourself and baby in a safe space, plus refreshments and sensory time that offers the perfect access to connect with others.


Kind Words

“This is an amazing group! Welcoming and friendly and very well run by the lovely Seetal. Highly recommended for some chilled time for not only yourself but to enjoy with your baby too”

Mandy Wildram Oadby

“Myself and little Ruby love little yoga. Emily who runs these sessions is truely amazing. We have just completed our second term of yoga. Anyone looking to get out to a baby class I highly recommend baby Yoga. These sessions are truely baby lead so no need to worry if baby cry’s or needs a feed or even a nappy change. Everyone one is so friendly and the class is truely enjoyable to be in. “

Josie Jones

Another amazing class with The Little Sensory Co, after we did little massage last time. The babies loved the sensory lights and getting involved in the yoga. It’s also a really good light work out for mums to start to tone up again! I would highly recommend. Thank you!’

Abigail Wood

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