What do I need to wear?

It is advisable, that both you and your child/ren wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. You will also need a towel and a change of clothes for your child/ren. A plastic bag to take home your dirty clothes and swim nappies are also recommended.

I've already paid, but can't attend. Is it possible to get a refund?

Due to hire charges and costs of materials, unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds. Refunds will be issued if a Little Mess Leader cancels sessions, due to unforeseen circumstances. Make up sessions are not possible.

I want to bring my two year old along, but I have a newborn. Am I able to bring them along too?

Babies in arms are free of charge. As soon as they are old enough to take part and join in with the messy fun, there is a small charge for siblings.

I want to bring my two year old along, but I have a newborn. Am I able to bring them along too?

Babies in arms are free of charge. As soon as they are old enough to take part and join in with the messy fun, there is a small charge for siblings.

Can I take photos?

Yes, we want you to capture your messy play moments and would love you to share them with us! However please be aware that not all parents want themselves or their child in photos.

My child has never enjoyed messy play at home, how will this help?

Little Mess is group, social environment; this encourages cautious children to explore more. It is common for children to be a little unsure of new textures, but with a little encouragement and involvement from parents, this can be enough to give a child confidence to get involved. Messy play includes dry, soft and wet materials, which can be explored at a child’s own pace, installing confidence to explore all areas as the weeks go on.

Can I bring my partner along with me?

Yes, we would love you to share this experience with your partner, friend or family member. There is a limit of two adults per child.


What age is the sensory room for?

Our sensory room is suitable from birth, toddlers, young children and those with special needs. If you are to bring a toddler or young child, please be aware there may be newborn babies on the floor and equipment that can be knocked over.

What happens in the sensory room?

Our sensory room is parent led. It is a magical room that is set up for you and your child to enjoy. It’s a wonderful place for relaxing, bonding and meeting other parents, whilst helping your child with their sensory awareness and development.

What is in the sensory room?

Our room is full of stimulating, sensory equipment and toys for you to explore with your child. There are lights at various speeds and different colours, projectors, optic fibres and bubble lamps and much more.


My baby has a cold is it ok to massage?

If it’s a snuffle it may help, however if baby is unwell we don’t recommend that you should carry out a massage, and they usually wont want it anyway.

What if my baby sleeps during the class?

This is fine, you can watch or use spare doll to practice alongside. Then practice the strokes at home ready for when we cover them again briefly next week. It is important not to wake baby for massage.

My little girl just had her immunisations this morning she seems ok would it be ok to come to the class?

After immunisations, wait 24 hours, if she seems well then your ok to massage but avoid the injection site for the first week.

Is it ok to bring my twins?

Yes, this is perfectly fine. It is easier than you may think to massage two babies.

My babies 2 weeks old would that be ok in the group?

We recommend that babies start massage from 4 weeks old.

My baby is now crawling but I really want him to come along?

Our group sessions are for pre crawlers, however we do provide one-to-one sessions or home visits.

What do I need to bring to the class?

Your child’s usual necessities and massage oil if, it is not provided by the instructor.

My baby was born premature can I still come to the class?

Unless there is a reason that baby cannot attend yet and a medical professional has advised not to – it would be absolutely fine.

My baby suffers from eczema and my health visitor/doctor has given me an oil to use, can I bring this to use in the class?


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“We have loved every minute of baby yoga the last 4 weeks. It was our first class and I can’t imagine it will be beaten, thank you so much!”



“We loved our first session of messy play on Monday, it was great fun getting stuck in and messy, especially with the chocolate, my 8 month old loved it.”


“I love the baby massage course. We are only two weeks in and my little boy has already taken really well to it all. The venue is ideal and always made warm and welcoming. It’s also a good opportunity to meet new mums and talk about your own experiences.”


“A great atmosphere and combination of yoga and baby massage, perfect for mum and baby!”


“Have taken my 5 month old a couple of times now and we really enjoy it. Relaxed atmosphere with lots of toys and lights for him to look at and play with.”


“Well organised, my little girl loves to get messy and play in all the different areas.”


“Went to our first session on Monday and it was brilliant. Maggie really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend.”


“Took my little boy yesterday, we both really enjoyed it! Such a lovely relaxing atmosphere, will definitely be going back.”


“I took my son Arlo on this course with hope of finding some help with trapped wind, colic, and constipation as I was sick of referring to medication for my baby. After the first session – in fact, during the first session, I started to notice a difference. He has been on the up since completing the course, as I am now fully knowledgeable of the different techniques to use. Well worth the time and money for such a great reward!”


“Me & my 5 month old have loved baby yoga. Nice to ease you back into some light exercise after having a baby.”


“Great class! Perfect to get out and do something for yourself whilst still being able to engage with your little one”


“My 3 year old loves coming here!! Its suitable for older kiddies too, which is really refreshing! Especially with baby number 2 on route…I think he will love coming with his little brother in a few months! Thank you Xx.”


“A great sensory experience for mum and baby; we really enjoy coming here and have lots of fun. My baby really loves his time here.”


“What a wonderful idea. My daughter loves it and I bring her as often as I can. The experience she gets from it changes as she grows, when she first went at 2 months she just stared at the lights and it made her really calm. Now at nearly 7 months she wants to explore more and touch everything. The lady who runs it is absolutely lovely, and it has been great to meet other parents and babies.”


“We came to our first session this morning and so glad we did. Olivia is a mummy’s girl and today she felt comfortable to crawl off on her own. What an amazing place. There is so much to do for little ones. A safe, and secure environment. Can’t wait until next week. Thank you! X.”


“I have been taking my baby girl to this baby massage group for the last four weeks. It has been lovely! My little girl loves the contact that massage brings.”


“We loved yoga. It isn’t just about fitness its about your relationship with your little one. Loved seeing his face light up when learning the different moves. Definitely recommend this class. Thank you x”


“An amazing experience not just for baby, but also for me as a parent. Would definitely recommend it.”

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