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Our multi-sensory room is a calm, quiet and relaxing area, which is designed to help with your child’s sensory development. It’s a great place to interact and bond with your child, whilst meeting other parents.

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Sensory room benefits

  • Stimulate the senses
    Encouraging individuals to explore and engage with their senses can heighten their ability to interact with the world around them.
  • Enhance learning and play
    Sensory stimulation can be used to engage different areas of the brain and develop babies hand eye coordination.
  • Promote emotional wellbeing
    As well as helping individuals cope with physical and developmental impairments, sensory rooms can also increase relaxation and motivation, promoting greater levels of happiness and wellbeing.
  • Support your babies development
    Promoting the development of muscles and engaging baby’s brain with sensory time and interaction
  • Bond
    A new, exciting way to bond with your little one in a stress-free, calming environment that you’ll both enjoy.
Explore our magical sensory room!
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Hosted in a friendly and welcoming environment by a Little Glow Leader. Our sensory room sessions are beneficial for both adult and infant, providing you with a relaxing and calm space where your little one can explore and feel settled, whilst also offering a great opportunity to spend some time with other parents, socialise and enjoy the therapeutic effects of the sensory room.

Ideally suited for infants from birth to pre walking, our sensory rooms support development and curiosity, offering a range of sensory stimulation and the chance for your little one to interact with others. Cosy and welcoming, our groups will give you a unique chance to share your experiences with lots of other people whose little ones are of a similar age, and enjoy a friendly and laid-back environment.


In reality, the benefits of sensory rooms are countless and their therapeutic efficacy, must be seen to be believed.


Kind Words

“Little Glow is a highlight of the week for my little lady and I, she loves to play with all the exciting toys and lights! There is an amazing selection to keep her entertained & help her to work on her motor skills, & we have made some great friends along the way.”

Siobhan Leicestershire

“A beautiful, calm and relaxing environment with many different types of lights and sensory items. My son has enjoyed sessions right from an early age. Thank you very much”

Sally Bebbington
South Devon

“The best way to spend your morning watching your little baby’s face light up as they see all the toys, flashing lights and other babies. It’s great for the mums to catch up too!”


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Little Glow

Join us in our magical sensory room and meet other like minded dads, share experiences and relax with your baby. This is a time to enjoy and bond together, create memories and support your babies development.

Little Glow

Come along to our spooky sensory room this Halloween! With creepy spiders and light up pumpkins, there’s something to explore in every corner!

Little Glow

Celebrate your babies first Christmas with us. Enjoy the festive music and sensory lighting whilst meeting new parents and socialising. It’s a time to relax, be merry and explore our magical Christmas space together.