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fullwidth Suitable 2.5 - 5 Years

Prepare for school,
through a world of imagination!

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The benefits of Little Academy Classes

  • Problem solving
    The development of problem-solving skills is an essential
    aspect of child development. They provide children with
    the foundations for decision-making, analytical, thinking,
    creativity and logical reasoning.
  • Fine motor control
    Fine motor control develops children’s writing, everyday
    tasks and self-care skills, which in turn helps their
    self-esteem and confidence to grow.
  • Number and letter recognition
    Number and letter knowledge prepares children for the
    acquisition of conventional literacy and numeracy skills and
    forms the foundation for children learning to read and write.
  • Making learning fun
    Fun learning enhances children’s interest of academic concepts
    and builds motivation to learn. Play based learning supports the
    development of social and emotional skills, such as the ability to
    develop positive relationships with peers.
  • Socialising in a learning environment with children of similar age
    Socialising helps develop children’s self-esteem and build resilience
    towards the unknown, creating connections that make new social
    interactions less scary.
Develop confidence & social skills
Learn skills ready for school
A new & exciting theme every week!

Our Little Academy classes offer the opportunity for children to bring play to life
whilst developing key skills; all in preparation for starting school.
Classes are suitable for ages 2.5 – 5 years.

The transition between nursery and school can be a challenge for many parents
and their children. Little Academy’s preschool classes are designed to make this
transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to
practice the skills needed to navigate the next stage of their education,
and to feel excited about it!


Kind Words

“Little Academy is always welcoming,
with a varied mix of educational
activities, while maintaining a heavy
focus on free-flow fun!
I highly recommend it for all curious
pre schoolers!”

Charisse Sayerz

My son loved these classes. It was a great mix of messy play alongside developing language skills and dexterity e.g cutting with scissors and learning to join in with a group activity at the end. `The leader fully engaged the children really well and made it a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you!

Alice Flint

We started at little Academy when my eldest was about 3, he is now 4.5 years. We love it. The activities are always very engaging for the kids and the leader works very hard in making them ability appropriate, but challenging enough for all who attend.

Gemma Louise