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Suitable 6 months
- 5 years

Let’s get Messy!

Our community of parents love to watch their little ones crawl off into a new adventure, even if they are often a little shy elsewhere!

It’s all about exploring the touch and feel of their world and
enjoying such sensory experiences in a secure and welcoming local environment.

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The benefits of messy play

  • Inspires curiosity
    Fosters curiosity and allows your child to explore their interests, use their senses, and develop many important skills crucial to success in life; such as measuring, pouring, experimenting and socialising.
  • Promotes creativity
    Allows children to take the lead, explore, learn, and experience a wide variety of textures and materials.
  • Play based learning
    With a variety of fun activities on offer, our classes allow children to learn at their own speed, whilst bringing their imaginative play to life.’
  • Enhances learning
    Helps develop fine motor skills, problem-solving, maths and science concepts, language and vocabulary, and social & emotional skills.
  • Self confidence
    Children learn to play independently, which in turn increases attention span and enables opportunities to problem solve, whilst building self confidence and self esteem.
CRAFT CORNER: For older siblings 6-10 years
Available in over 100 locations across the UK
A new & exciting theme every week!

masses of magnificent mess across the UK!

It’s widely accepted now that indulging in such activities as we provide at Little Mess greatly helps in developing your child’s cognitive abilities and creative talents. We allow them to be as thoroughly curious as young ones always want to be, and to join in and try all these new experiences. There are not many places where your children will learn lots without even realising because they are having such amazing fun! Roxanne, our owner and director, with two small children, developed Little Mess as a place for the youngest of us to have fun, and one where their parents can make new friends and share amazing experiences too.

With new and exciting themes throughout the year, there is something for everyone!

Other benefits highlighted by parents, include the range of different areas their baby or toddler can explore, and the fact that we also make great efforts to help older siblings enjoy their time here as a family. This is because our Little Mess events also include a craft corner, where your Little Mess Makers aged between 6 and 10 can enjoy exploring their own rapidly developing creativity.


Kind Words

“My wee boy loved todays little mess! So well organised and loads of different play areas with a lot of thought gone into each area. Can’t wait for the next session :)”

Kerrie-Anne Kelly Derry/Londonderry NI

“I attended my first session this week and it was amazing. The leader was so friendly and approachable and was fantastic with my little boy. He was so excited with all the activities, thank you so much. I highly recommend to anyone with a little one :)”

Sammi Dinky
North Leicestershire

“Both my little ones absolutely love Little Mess! It’s been difficult to find groups where both of them can join in, have fun & develop new skills. The leader is fabulous, we love our weekly sessions. It’s great to see them both taking part & not to have the stress of one of them not being happy!”

Marie Kerry

Our Popular


Little Mess

Our Preschool Prep classes offer the opportunity for children to learn through play whilst developing their pre writing skills, practising scissor control and much more!

Little Mess

Watch your child bring their play to life as they splash, stir, scoop, mix and pour lots of different materials and textures. Allow them to develop all of their senses as they freely explore the themed tuff trays & build relationships.

Little Mess

Small and welcoming groups to support your child to process and interpret the world around them through sensory experiences.