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- 5 years

Connect to Nature

These classes offer a wonderful opportunity to connect to Nature and introduce both babies and young children to the outdoors. The connection of nature is part of many traditions around the world and living in busy, technology driven lives, in many ways we have lost our connection to nature.

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The benefits of Little Nature classes

  • Bond
    Be present, connect and spend some special time with your little one outside in nature.
  • Learn
    Support sensory development and experience new textures and materials in an unstructured environment.
  • Relax
    In beautiful surroundings, with relaxing breathing techniques, embodied movement, and tea ceremonies.
  • Explore
    What nature has to offer and the gifts of all seasons.
  • Socialise
    Bringing space to create flow and bring the community together through experience, strength, and hope. Our classes are about feeling and being present with yourself, your child and with others in nature.
  • Make & create
    Get creative with nature or mandala art at every class.
Includes: Forest Bathing Mindfulness Nature Art Certificate Keepsakes
Nature Babies & Nature Tots classes and workshops
Tea ceremony included

Little Nature classes across the UK & Ireland!

Little Nature is a class all about being, rather than doing and aims to restore these connections and promote the beauty in which we are surrounded. These outdoor sessions support the importance of socialising and meeting other like minded parents.

The benefits for both child and parent are endless; by incorporating relaxation and mindfulness, alongside engaging activities which allow children to explore new materials and use their creativity and imagination. We ensure varied activities every class to benefit all who attend.


Kind Words

“What a lovely group and class this is for a combination of outdoor fun and relaxation. My daughter loved exploring and also the singing! Highly recommend!

Sophie Adams Leicestershire

“The leader is always so friendly, welcoming and it’s such a pleasure to go to her classes. We started off going to nature babies and are now on the tots classes, they are different every week and really enjoyable for both me and my son. Highly recommended!

Laura Hodgkinson
Tyrone NI

“Arthur attended nature babies when he was younger and has now been back to nature tots. He loves exploring the outdoors and is now keen to be outside regardless of the weather. This is all down to Claire’s sessions. Working as a teacher has also meant that I miss quite a few sessions, but there’s always a saved space for us to return during the holidays! We have loved exploring the outdoor site: finding hidden gems, collecting natural items and making nature crafts whilst also singing along to memorable songs which engage the children from the start! We cannot wait for the next half term to come back again!”

Lauren Cunfliffe