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Suitable 4 weeks - pre crawling

Time to Relax

Here at The Little Sensory Co, we are big fans of baby massage and the many benefits it can offer infants.

Exceptionally effective at helping little ones to relax and feel secure, it’s a wonderful way to promote better bonding and connection with your baby.

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The benefits of baby massage

  • Improve your bond
    Anecdotal evidence shows that a baby massage class is a really great way to bond and connect with your baby, as it allows you to spend special time together.
  • Make your baby feel more secure
    It’s also a lovely and effective way to make your little one feel secure and loved, creating a real sense of relaxation and contentment.
  • Alleviate digestive issues
    Although it has many emotional benefits to recommend it, baby massage also has a physical impact on your little one’s well-being and can be incredibly effective in helping to alleviate trapped wind, constipation, and symptoms of colic.
  • Help with teething
    Baby massage has the added bonus of helping to ease the pain of teething, by soothing your little one’s distress and helping them to unwind.
  • Promote a better night’s sleep
    A relaxed baby is one who will settle easier, so regular massage classes can also contribute towards a better night’s sleep for both parent and baby.
Includes: Refreshments Massage Manual Footprint Keepsake Handmade Gift Coconut Oil
Available in over 100 locations across the UK
Sensory time at every Class!

Baby massage across the UK and Ireland!

Delivered in a friendly and welcoming environment by an experienced and qualified tutor, our baby massage classes really can be beneficial for both adult and infant, endowing you with invaluable tools to help make your little one happier and more settled, and yourself more confident and better able to deal with a distressed baby.

Ideally suited for infants from four weeks to pre crawling. A baby massage class is not only educational but also offers a great opportunity to spend some time with other parents whilst indulging in a holistic therapy.

Small and welcoming, our groups will give you a unique chance to share your experiences with lots of other people whose little ones are of a similar age, and to learn together in a friendly and laid-back environment.


Kind Words

“This was my second baby massage course with Little Massage and I have loved it with both of my boys. It’s a lovely relaxed environment for mums and babies.”

Deborah Robson Broughton

“Loved baby massage, I’ve been a few with my eldest daughter when she was little and this class is by far the best! Lovely instructor, really friendly, a nice place to meet new mums and have a brew. They also had sensory lights which my daughter loved, and always slept so well after. Will be looking to book on another class soon!”

Julianne Leah Rooney

“We had the best time at Little Massage. As the ‘only dad in the class’, I was a bit apprehensive about going to my first ever baby class, however, I really didn’t need to be. Our Little Massage Leader created a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. It was great to learn new techniques for baby massage every week, which culminates in a complete massage in the final week. It was so easy to follow and I didn’t even mind singing along to the nursery rhymes! The post-baby massage sensory was certainly appreciated by my baby (nearly as much as the post-massage coffee was appreciated by Dad!). It was brill to meet other parents and their babies at the classes; our Little Massage Leader provided such a friendly, welcoming environment to chat with everybody. I would absolutely recommend these baby massage classes. Thank you!”


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